August 2020

The LiPLANET project aims to bring together the European research pilot lines for lithium battery production within a highly active network (named LiPLANET network), to create an innovation and production ecosystem that will reinforce the position of the European Union (EU) in the Lithium battery cell manufacturing market.

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3 questions to Professor Arno KWADE, coordinator of the LIPLANET project

Professor Arno Kwade, head of the Institute for Particle Technology at the Technical University of Braunschweig, is coordinating the LIPLANET project. He highlights why the LIPLANET project is important for Europe now.

The LiPLANET project lays the foundation for the creation of a sustainable network of research pilot lines for the production of battery cell

In the framework of the LIPLANET project, a consortium of eight partners is laying the foundation for a Europe-wide network of research pilot lines which focus on the manufacturing of advanced lithium-based battery cells. Within this two-years project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program, the structures for a sustainable network will be established, and the network will be implemented and started.

Take the LIPLANET survey on European lithium battery cell pilot lines!

Are you operating a lithium battery cells pilot line in Europe? Are you looking for increasing your expertise and knowledge? Are you open to benchmark your practices with your pairs to further develop your skills? If so, the LIPLANET Network is for you…! As a first step, take this mapping survey without further delay!

Stay tuned for the date and venue of the 1st Roadmapping Workshop

As part of the LiPLANET project, a roadmap of joint strategies for the network will be developed to further the production of lithium battery cells from small batch testing towards industrial scale in Europe. Workshop details coming soon!

Recent developments

  • First virtual workshop of the LiPLANET project consortium took place on April 16, 2020
  • The structure of the LiPLANET network is now defined
  • The Data Exchange Platform is taking shape

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