Stay tuned for the date and venue of the 1st Roadmapping Workshop

As part of the LiPLANET project, a roadmap of joint strategies for the network will be developed to further the production of lithium battery cells from small batch testing towards industrial scale in Europe. In an upcoming workshop, the LiPLANET project partners and other industry experts will discuss the current status of the European battery cell sector and the objectives to be reached within the framework of the roadmap. The objectives will be set with a sustainable perpetuation and further development of the network in mind. The goal of the workshop is to define a general framework for the roadmap, which will encompass not only the objectives as well as an assessment of the current status, but also discrete pathways towards the objectives.

Because of the on-going Covid-19 crisis, format, venue and date of the 1st roadmapping workshop are still under discussion. Stay tuned for further detailed information.

Two more roadmapping workshops will be organised within the LiPLANET project in order to derive recommendations towards all relevant stakeholders – especially towards ETIPs, EC research and policy units as well as Member States – and to finally validate the roadmap.