Take the LIPLANET survey on European lithium battery cells pilot lines!

Are you operating a lithium battery cells pilot line in Europe? Are you looking for increasing your expertise and knowledge? Are you open to sharing your practices with your pairs to further develop your skills? If so, the LiPLANET Network is for you…!

LiPLANET network members will benefit from

  1. being in the first row of the technological innovations to be implemented by the industrial stakeholders who will guide the R&D pilot lines evolution to facilitate the market access of the EU battery cell production
  2. caring of your interests in the establishment of manufacturing standards, validation procedures, training programs, cooperation initiatives, etc.
  3. reinforcing your know-how and manufacturing expertise by interacting with other R&D and industrial pilot line members
  4. having a key role in the understanding and cost-effective design of cell production
  5. evolving as a pilot line operator with R&I solutions to key industrial stakeholders
  6. many other network initiatives …

Mapping the existing and forthcoming EU lithium battery cells pilot lines is one of the tasks of the LiPLANET project, allowing to draw a comprehensive picture of the existing and forthcoming European pilot lines, outlining potential gaps, synergies and complementarities within actors and identifying potential LiPLANET network members. A survey built for this purpose is currently open. Participating in this survey is a pre-requisite for stepwise becoming a LiPLANET network member.

More pilot lines will join, more the network will be able to professionalize and harmonize the knowledge of the different pilot lines by an individual and joint evolvement of competences. So, if you are interested in this initiative, take the survey without further delay!