LiPLANET Day | First issue (on-site)

Event date: May 15, 2023

Hotel Thon EU, Brussels, Belgium

The LiPLANET Day is a collaborative event that brings together members of the LiPLANET network and key stakeholders from the European battery ecosystem. The event provides a platform for attendees to discuss the current state and future direction of battery pilot lines in Europe, as well as the activities of the LiPLANET association. It is an opportunity for attendees to review the association’s roadmap, which outlines the strategic priorities and initiatives for the coming year.

The LiPLANET stakeholder workshop in the afternoon of the LiPLANET day allows us to discuss stakeholders’ expectations of the network and its alignment within the European battery ecosystem. The stakeholder workshop is open to all interested participants and will be a forum for open dialogue and exchange of ideas regarding services and expectations from LiPLANET. Participants will have the opportunity to share their perspectives and insights, identify challenges and opportunities, and provide feedback on how LiPLANET can better serve their needs. Through this collaborative effort, LiPLANET will be able to develop strategies and initiatives that align with the needs of its stakeholders and contribute to the growth and success of the European battery industry.


15:30 – 16:00 | Welcome and Current Status of LiPLANET

16:00 – 18:00 | Stakeholder Workshop

*The morning and early afternoon are reserved for an internal event exclusively for the LiPLANET members.

The event is aligned with the general assembly from the Batteries Europe Partnership Association (BEPA), which will be organized on the 16th of May.

Register now for the LiPLANET stakeholder workshop here or on eventbrite!