The LiPLANET Network was established by the LiPLANET Project, which consisted of 8 project partners. This project was funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 875479. Find out more about the LiPLANET CSA project below.

The overall objective of the LiPLANET project is was to create a European innovation and production ecosystem and reinforce the position of the European Union (EU) in the lithium battery cell manufacturing market. The LiPLANET contributed to building a more competitive lithium battery cell manufacturing ecosystem and increase the production of lithium battery cells towards industrial scale by bringing together the most relevant European lithium battery cell pilot lines and the main stakeholders of the battery sector. The LiPLANET project layed the foundation for the foundation of a network of battery cell pilot lines in Europe. This network allows for the exploition of synergies between pilot line operators, identification of knowledge and equipment gaps, organization of joint trainings, collaboration with industry and academia, and facilitation of market access

For this purpose, different activities have been followed throughout the project:

  • mapping of the European lithium battery cell pilot lines and implementation of a network,
  • creation of a standardized legal framework and a data exchange platform for the cooperation between industry, academia and pilot lines,
  • round-robin test to compare qualification methods,
  • development of a roadmap for joint strategies of the network towards industrial scale battery cell production in Europe.

The LiPLANET CSA project partners

The deliverables of the project can be found under the news and documents section.